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Due to the pandemic, our focus now includes remote depositions in addition to onsite depositions.  Our staff, reporters and videographers are always working around the clock to help you have the best experience while working remote.  We work behind the scenes by testing and training attorneys and witnesses with our in-house technician and we work with the platform administrators by providing client feedback for a better experience.

You're In Good Hands

Interested in scheduling a remote deposition but feeling a bit nervous?  When scheduling

with Jane Rose Reporting, we offer free training for all parties and witnesses.

Here Is All You Need -
We Will Take Care Of The Rest

Computer or Device with an Internet Connection

Stable Wi-Fi connection or a hardwire Internet connection is recommended.  


Ensure that your device has a webcam, or purchase an external webcam that connects via a USB port.

Phone or Audio Connection

Audio can be connected via computer or by dialing in via phone.  

Our Preferred Remote Platforms

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Why would we need a videographer?

The videographer will monitor the entire proceedings, ensuring the recording is paused when parties go off the record.  The videographer will capture the witness only and create a certified video.  After the deposition, Jane Rose Reporting will synchronize the certified video with the final transcript.

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Document Shredding

Exhibit Handling Options

How do I present and stamp my scanned exhibits remotely?

If you are using vTestify or LiveLitigation, counsel will stamp exhibits during the deposition using the built-in exhibit stamp.  If using Zoom, clients may pre-mark exhibits or use our winning combination of Zoom + eDepoze.  

Zoom:  Zoom does not have a built in exhibit portal.  However, clients may use Zoom + eDepoze for a winning combination.  Clients can use Zoom's screen share, share exhibits via chat or use a dropbox link.  We do have a technician available to train the client on exhibit sharing.  We do ask that all training is set up a few days prior to the scheduled date of the deposition.  Exhibits are stamped after the deposition by Jane Rose Reporting.

vTestify & LiveLitigation:  With a built-in exhibit portal, clients can upload exhibits prior to the deposition.  The built-in exhibit presentation allows clients to easily share exhibits and stamp exhibits when introduced.  Both platforms also offer screen share.  


What document extensions can I use for exhibits?

Zoom When sharing documents via chat, Zoom allows a single document size of 512 MB.  Zoom chat allows files to stay in their native format:  PDF, Excel, Image, PowerPoint and Video Files.

vTestify & LiveLitigation:  When uploading exhibits, the platform does convert all files into PDF files.  Both platforms offer screen share capability as well as a video player.

How are exhibits distributed?

Jane Rose Reporting will provide each purchasing firm electronic PDFs when distributing the final transcript. 

  • All participants should test and train with our technician two days prior.

  • Testing should be done from the location you will be attending from.

  • Testing should be done with the equipment you will be using.

  • Hardwire Internet or stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Speed test should be performed. Recommended speed 10 mbps.

  • Our technician will ensure webcam and audio is working.

I am a first time user; do you offer testing and training?

Jane Rose Reporting does have experienced technicians to test and train you on the platform, whether it is Zoom, vTestify or LiveLitigation.  We do recommend all new users contact our office a few days in advance to set up testing and training.  

I have used the platform before, but have a new device.  Should I test?

Any time a client switches devices or locations, we recommend you set up a time to quickly test with our technician.  This would allow any device or bandwidth issues to be resolved prior to the deposition.

Do you test and train the witness?

We offer complimentary testing and training for all parties, including the witness.  

Can we do a test run on the platform?

Yes, we can set up a test session for your team to practice in advance.  If you would like one of our technicians on the test session for questions, please let us know.

Virtual Team Meeting


  • Log in 10 to 15 minutes prior to verify connection.

  • Mute your microphone if not speaking.

  • Business or business casual attire recommended.

  • Choose a room with no other people.

  • Choose a room with no distractions in the background.

  • Consider lighting.  No window or light behind you.

  • Restrict others from using the Internet to avoid bandwidth issues.

When will I receive my session "Join" link?

You will receive a deposition session link a few days prior to the scheduled deposition.

Zoom:  Parties are emailed a universal Zoom Join Link.

LiveLitigation:  You will receive an invite with instructions on joining.  Invitations cannot be shared.

vTestify:  Attendees will receive a general sharable link or through a direct invitation process which requires an attendee's email address; the direct invitation cannot be shared.

What web browser should I use?

Zoom:  Compatible with all web browsers .

LiveLitigation:  Google Chrome only.

vTestify:  Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or any chromium based browser. 

Can I use my iPad or tablet for attending the deposition?

Zoom & LiveLitigation:  Yes, all smart devices are compatible.

vTestify:   Yes.  iOS users will need to download the app available at: and Android users can use their Google Chrome browser.  

Can I connect through a VPN/remote workstation?

No.  VPN/remote workstations limit access to webcams and result in connection errors.  You should always disconnect from your VPN/remote workstation before connecting to the remote deposition.

What is the minimum bandwidth required to connect to the platforms?

Hardwired Internet or WiFi connection is required.  For best performance, Internet speed greater than 10 Mbps is recommended. 

Speed test:

Can we use separate audio via speakerphone? 

Yes, all three platforms provide a dedicated dial in telephone number.  If you have a slow Internet connection, we recommend calling into the conference from your phone.  Worse case scenario if the Internet is not stable, you will still be able to hear and speak.  This also allows more bandwidth to be used by your video. 

Remote Deposition Tips


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