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Implementing Great Solutions in Difficult Times



... A certified reporter will be scheduled via telephone or video conference to report your proceedings.

Once we receive your remote scheduling request, we will quickly (during business hours) email you a job confirmation.

For all other scheduling, please use our Online Scheduling form.

Due to the current Coronavirus concerns, our reporters and videographers are ready and available for remote depositions.  Our number one priority is providing continued and uninterrupted court reporter and video services to our clients.  Jane Rose Reporting is available to serve clients remotely.  All operations remain functioning and accessible via telephone and email.  We can assist with setting up the teleconference or Zoom video conference.

No need to cancel depositions when you have a remote solution!


Zoom Video Conferencing

One-way and two-way web-based video conferencing wherein all parties participate remotely.  Zoom allows the capability to host online depositions with up to 100 interactive video participants.  Contact us at 1-800-825-3341 for a demo! 

LiveLitigation Video Conferencing

One-way and two-way web-based video conferencing wherein all parties participate remotely.  LiveLitigation is an all-in-one program that covers video conferencing, realtime streaming and client handling of electronic exhibits. 


Demo Video             Brochure

Electronic Exhibits

Our online technician will remotely introduce your exhibits with the capabilities to quickly label the exhibit, highlight requested portions, and zoom in on areas of the exhibit.  However, if you prefer to handle your own exhibits, Zoom Chat allows clients

to introduce and share exhibits to all participants.  

Realtime Text

Our certified reporters are equipped to provide remote text streaming via a web-browser, whether you schedule a teleconference or a Zoom video conference.

Legal Videographer

Our certified videographers can remotely log in to the video conference to monitor the

audio and record “gallery” view as well as capturing the “witness only” for a

quality synchronization. This allows the certified video to be used at the time of trial.

Teleconference Only

Dedicated recorded telephone line for multiple parties to dial-in with the

court reporter remotely or on location with the witness.  No webcam required.