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Due to the pandemic, our focus now includes remote depositions in addition to onsite depositions.  Our staff, reporters and videographers are always working around the clock to help you have the best experience while working remote.  We work behind the scenes by testing and training attorneys and witnesses with our in-house technician and we work with the platform administrators by providing client feedback for a better experience.

You're In Good Hands

Interested in scheduling a remote deposition but feeling a bit nervous?  When scheduling

with Jane Rose Reporting, we offer free training for all parties and witnesses.

Here Is All You Need -

We Will Take Care Of The Rest

Computer or Device with an Internet Connection

Stable Wi-Fi connection or a hardwire Internet connection is recommended.  


Ensure that your device has a webcam, or purchase an external webcam that connects via a USB port.

Phone or Audio Connection

Audio can be connected via computer or by dialing in via phone.  

Our Preferred Remote Platforms


  • Compatible with PC or MAC.

  • End to end encryption of video.

  • Witness video highlighted as top screen.

  • Upload, share and mark exhibits - supports PDF files and converts Microsoft Office files into PDF format.

  • Max file size 90 MB.

  • Full screen exhibit mode.

  • Share exhibit view feature.

  • Breakout rooms available. 

  • Remote realtime in a separate browser.

  • Compatible with PC, MAC and smart devices.

  • End to end encryption of video.

  • Remote realtime on the same screen.

  • Upload, share and mark exhibits - supports PDF files and converts Microsoft Office files into PDF format.

  • Max file size 100 MB.

  • Full screen exhibit mode.

  • Screen Share.

  • Integrated Video Player.

  • Breakout rooms available.

  • Chat feature.

  • Compatible with PC, MAC and smart devices.

  • Conference room connector -standard SIP and H.323

  • GCM Encryption.

  • Waiting rooms and password protection.

  • Ability to use any file format when sharing exhibits.

  • Share exhibits in native file format - PDF, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 

  • Max file size 512 MB.

  • Breakout rooms available.

  • Chat feature.

  • Remote realtime in a seperate browser.

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Exhibit Handling Options

How do I present my scanned exhibits remotely?

If you prefer to have a platform wherein you can upload, share, annotate, stamp and reshare previously marked exhibits yourself, vTestify or LiveLitigation is the platform for you.  If you prefer a simpler platform, using Zoom would allow you to screenshare, share a link in the Zoom Chat or share documents directly in the Zoom Chat. 


Who stamps the exhibits?

If you are using vTestify or LiveLitigation, counsel will stamp exhibits during the deposition using the built-in exhibit stamp.  If using Zoom, clients may pre-mark exhibits or after the deposition Jane Rose Reporting will stamp exhibits.


How are exhibits distributed?

Jane Rose Reporting will provide each purchasing firm electronic PDFs when distributing the final transcript.  If using Zoom, after the deposition you will need to provide Jane Rose Reporting access to the exhibits via email.

Attending a Deposition

  • All participants and the witness should test and train with our technician two days prior.

  • Testing should be done from the location you will be attending from.

  • Testing should be done with the equipment you will be using.

  • Hardwire Internet or stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Speed test will be performed. Recommended speed 10 mbps.

  • Web browser is verified.

  • Our technician will ensure webcam and audio is working.

  • Our technician will train all participants attending.

  • Log in 10 to 15 minutes prior to verify connection.

  • Mute your microphone if not speaking.

  • Business or business casual attire recommended.

  • Choose a room with no other people.

  • Choose a room with no distractions in the background.

  • Consider lighting.  No window or light behind you.

  • Restrict others from using the Internet to avoid bandwidth issues.

Remote Deposition Tips

Test and Train on Platform

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