JRR Case Management Experience




Swiss Re v. World Trade Center

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th triggered one of the largest property-damage insurance claims ever.

Lehman Brothers v. JPMorgan

In 2011, Jane Rose Reporting was again on the fast track, covering 179 depositions over 36 months in 16 major cities across the United States and the UK.  We provided top-level court reporting and legal video services to 50 different US law firms when Lehman Brothers sued JPMorgan for $8.6 billion.

USA Networks v. The World Wrestling Federation
A smackdown between Barry Diller's USA Network and Sumner Redstone's Viacom over the WWF's expiring contract. On the table was a competing offer by Viacom of $550,000 per week, plus an equity investment of $100 million by CBS, for a five-year contract.
  • Century Indemnity v. Lloyds

  • Cooper Tire & Rubber v. Apollo

  • Countrywide Shareholders

  • CytoLogix v. Ventana

  • Duke Energy v. GE and Bechtel

  • Accutane Products Liability

  • Advo v. Valassis

  • Air Products v. Airgas

  • Aventis Pharma v. Lupin

  • Celgene v. Barr Laboratories

Pfizer v. Warner-Lamber

Drug giant Pfizer's hostile bid of $82.4 billion to acquire Warner-Lambert, the producer of the best-selling cholesterol-reducing drug Lipitor. The bid came just hours after Warner-Lambert announced a merger with American Home Products.

IBP v. Tyson

Arkansas-based Tyson terminated an agreement to merge with IBP, citing fraud. With $4.7 billion on the table, IBP filed suit, forcing Tyson to move forward with the merger.

Jeffrey Katzenberg v. The Walt Disney Company

An intense battle of high-powered personalities inside The Walt Disney Company. Jeffrey Katzenberg, next in line to be president, was passed over. He walked, suing Disney for 2% of all future profits from films produced during his 10-year reign as studio chief.

  • Eli Lilly v. Barr

  • First Technology v. Siemens

  • FutureLogic v. TransAct

  • Hexion v. Huntsman

  • Intel v. Nvidia

  • Oritz v. Fibreboard/Georgine v. Amchem

  • Martin Merietta v. Vulcan

  • Melaleuca v. Mother Jones

  • Microsoft v. Nvidia

  • Novo Nordisk v. Sanofi-Aventis

Cablevision v. Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network

In 2002, George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, created Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network to carry the Yankee games.

Philip Morris v. ABC

On the ABC news show Day One, the network claimed the tobacco companies were manipulating nicotine levels in cigarettes. Philip Morris reacted by filing a $10 billion libel suit against ABC. After a year of intense litigation, the parties settled.

Exxon v. Underwriters at Lloyd's

The Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska's Prince William Sound touched off a massive $3.5 billion litigation between Exxon and their insurer, Lloyd's of London, over the recovery of cleanup costs.

  • NYSE/Archipelago Merger

  • Optima v. WCI Steel

  • Ring v. Halliburton

  • Rohm and Haas

  • SemGroup v. Catsimatidis

  • SmithKline v. Aetna

  • Symyx Technologies

  • Textron v. Acument

  • Worldcom v. General Electric

  • WR Grace

  • WTG Gas v. ConocoPhillips

  • Elan v. CorePharma