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We Are Service Focused

We provide end-to-end solutions based on the requirements of each individual case. Assembling teams of top-notch court reporters is only the beginning. Our production office has the capacity and depth to handle the most complicated, document-intensive cases.

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We Have The Expertise

The hallmark of our agency is our ability to efficiently and effectively manage the court-reporting process for large, complex, fast-moving cases. It begins with thoroughly anticipating and understanding the needs of our clients - a personalized approach to customer service that sets us apart.

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We Are Cost Effective

We strive to offer the best quality legal services for the lowest possible cost.  Your client expects no less.  Offering top-notch certified reporters and videographers, coupled with senior support staff, is an automatic win for you and your client.

Decades of Experience


Jane Rose Reporting’s case management team oversees the work of thousands of independent certified court reporters and videographers nationwide, ensuring quality performance, timely delivery, and client confidentiality. JRR works closely with law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies to provide the best service possible at reasonable rates.

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More Time – Less Hassle

JRR handles all the details and coordinates your case information to each department, as well as the court reporters and videographers.  We handle each case at the highest level of confidentiality, accuracy and professionalism. 



Drive Down Costs

We can analyze the scope of your project, and all other aspects of the case to tailor our pricing to fit your budget and specific needs.


Excellent Customer Service

We know how difficult it is when you

call and get passed around to multiple departments. Senior employees with a broad range of knowledge of all departments are available throughout the day to take your call. Our email is monitored during the day and evening.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace change. We support

learning and development.  We

value innovation and working smarter.



Reduced Risk

Experience is our top priority, which is reflected in our impeccable reputation.  All court reporters and videographers are pre-qualified and follow our code of conduct.   

Consistency is certainty. 


We’ve Got You Covered

Wherever your case takes you, JRR will be there.  We have 3,000+ pre-qualified court reporters and over 1,000+ legal videographers nationwide.

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th triggered one of the largest property-damage insurance claims ever.


In an enormously complex case involving 26 law firms and over 275 legal professionals, we performed flawlessly. We covered 200 depositions - up to 8 a day - and provided same-day drafts, daily copy transcripts and video. Realtime was provided locally and over the Internet. Tens of thousands of exhibits were copied and scanned

to CD, with as many as 95 production packages going out in a single day.

Extremely satisfied with our performance during the deposition phase, the parties agreed to use us for the appraisal hearings. ​We provided the arbitration panel with laptop computers for realtime and later e-mailed them printable PDF reports that included their personal annotations. Additional computers were provided for all attending parties, with 16 realtime hookups each day. A state-of-the-art sound-reinforcement system was installed to allow attorneys in the rear of the conference room to clearly hear the testimony. Same-day final copy was delivered electronically to 46 lawyers and other legal professionals by 10 p.m. each day.



Swiss Re v. World Trade Center

I've been in this business for 20 years, and Jane Rose Reporting is the best I've encountered on a consistent basis in terms of quality of court reporters. It's that consistency that makes the agency distinctive.

   ~B.S., Paralegal

I wanted to drop a quick note of commendation for your court reporter, who covered our arbitration hearing last week. She was precise, professional, and delightful. I would certainly use your services again.

   ~B.B., Esquire

You folks really are the BEST in the business and a true pleasure to work with. 

 ~L.P., Automated Legal Support

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