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COVID-19 UPDATE:   As states lift stay-at-home restrictions, we can schedule court reporters and videographers onsite with witness and/or counsel while practicing social distancing.  In locations with stay-at-home restrictions, our court reporters and videographers are trained and experienced to conduct remote depositions.  There are several options for swearing in a witness remotely - contact our office for additional information.

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These are the types of cases we have built our reputation on.  We have extensive experience in providing our clients with top-tier court reporters and delivering effective, full-service management of the largest cases in recent memory.

Lehman Brothers v. JPMorgan

JPMorgan Chase disclosed that it reached a final settlement agreement with Lehman Brothers, ending the failed investment bank’s lawsuit over claims that JPMorgan illegally siphoned billions of dollars from Lehman before its collapse.  JPMorgan Chase’s final settlement payout checks in at well above $2 billion.

Swiss Re v. World Trade Center Properties

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 triggered one of the largest property-damage insurance claims ever.  

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Hexion v. Huntsman

Hexion filed suit in Delaware seeking a declaratory judgment that Hexion was not obligated to consummate the merger if the combined company would be insolvent and that Huntsman had suffered a material adverse effect that would excuse Hexion from performing its obligations under the merger agreement.

Our court reporters are at the

top of their profession.  They hold certifications, degrees, and just about everything in between. 

Remote Depositions Available

High-Definition is our standard.  JRR uses only the most experienced videographers with state-of-the-art equipment to produce a visual record of the highest quality.

We can transcribe audio or video digital files as well as audio tape, mini-tape, video, CDs, and DVDs.  Please contact us to discuss your individual transcription needs.

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